HCRR-Logo-60thThe museum celebrated its 60th Anniversary on July 19, 2014. And what a day it was! Festivities included a Community Fair and Silent Auction, featuring vendors from the area and booths included items from tasty treats to clothing and a reptile show. It was a busy day with the streetcars making many trips up and down the mainline.

Speeches and the official 60th recognition took place in Barn 4 in the afternoon. The ceremonies featured the following dignitaries:
– Mayor Gordon Krantz, Mayor of Milton;
– Councillors Colin Best and Mike Cluett;
– Stephen Lam, Head of the TTC Streetcar Department (Acting) and Program Manager – LRV;
– Chris Upfold, Deputy Chief General Manager of the TTC;
– Janet Carding, Vice-President of the Canadian Museums Association, and CEO of the Royal Ontario Musuem;
– Mike Filey, Toronto Historian, Columnist and Radio Commentator;
– As well as representatives from the OERHA.

Each speaker provided congratulations for the museum’s 60th anniversary and all the best for many years to come. It was also noted a number of times what a hidden gem the museum is for the Town of Milton community and how well the event was organized.

The day continued with a special trip down the mainline in TTC 4000. Upon its return, cake was served and visitors continued to explore the museum, ride the streetcars and wander through the Community Fair and Silent Auction.

It was a day that will long be remembered!