The Halton County Radial Railway is happy to answer your questions! If your question isn’t answered here feel free to send it to streetcar@hcry.org or call 519-856-9802.

Can I get my wedding or engagement photos taken at your site?2016-01-26T12:15:08-05:00

Yes! The museum is an ideal country setting for photos of your special day! Bookings can be made any day from May until the end of October. Rates are higher during non-operating hours. For more information please email or call us at 519-856-9802.

Where do you get your streetcars?2016-01-26T12:13:29-05:00

Our collection has been acquired from many sources over the years. We have received donations from a number of different railways and transit systems, and we have purchased several vehicles at scrap value. While most of our vehicles came directly to the museum from service, a number were used for other purposes after retirement, and by the time they were acquired they had been heavily modified as cottages, etc.

Why restore old streetcars?2016-01-26T12:12:28-05:00

Streetcars, radials and trains historically have played very important roles in the development of towns, cities and villages across Canada and North America. Streetcars have helped to change the face of cities, society and transportation methods. We preserve streetcars so that this valuable part of history is maintained for future generations, and to educate the public on previous forms of transportation and social history. Restoring streetcars and rail cars allows visitors to experience history first-hand. Without restorations the vehicles would be forgotten.

How many movies have been made at the museum?2016-01-26T12:16:02-05:00

Our location and collection make excellent backgrounds for things like movies, photographs and commercials. Past productions include: Cinderella Man, Anne of Green Gables, Daniel Cook and many other movies, as well as television movies and commercials.

How do I perform research?2016-01-26T12:09:55-05:00

If you wish to research our collection, access our archives or have a question, you may contact us at 519-856-9802.

How do I become a member?2016-01-26T12:06:42-05:00

You simply fill out a membership form, which can be completed and sent in on this site.

What is there for my children to do and see?2016-01-26T12:05:43-05:00

Children of all ages enjoy seeing real ‘live’ trains and streetcars, viewing the displays and some interactive features, but the streetcar rides are the main attraction.

How long is the streetcar ride?2016-01-26T12:04:46-05:00

The streetcar and radial rides are approximately 20 minutes in length. The ride takes guests through a beautiful hardwood forest. Guests can take unlimited streetcar rides, view the display barns and lunch in the picnic areas. The average visit lasts 1-2.5 hours, but many visitors choose to stay all day!

When was the museum established?2016-01-26T12:02:18-05:00

The OERHA was formed in 1953 by a group of young men who wanted to save the valuable Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) car 1326, the museum is Ontario’s first and largest electric railway museum. After the purchase of land that used to be a part of the Toronto Suburban Railway in Nassawasaya Township, and the acquisition of a number of other cars, the museum opened to the public in 1972. Today, the museum displays a variety of historic streetcars, radial cars and work cars for visitors from around the world.

How many railcars do you have in the collection?2016-01-26T11:49:53-05:00

The museum’s collection is constantly growing. Its collection includes streetcars, interurbans, suburbans, work equipment, gas equipment, buses and much more. There are more than 75 vehicles in the collection presently. The expansion of our storage facilities will hopefully see more of these vehicles restored in the future.

How many rides on the streetcars will I be able to have?2016-01-26T11:48:35-05:00

Your admission to the museum includes unlimited rides and access to the display barns, railway station, Gift Shop, Ice Cream Shop and picnic areas. Street and Radial cars run every 20 minutes throughout the day.

What is the cost of admission? Why do I pay an admission fee?2016-01-26T11:47:33-05:00

See admission rates.

As we are a self-sufficient, non-profit charity, we charge an admission fee to cover the costs of restoring, maintaining and operating the radial railway, as well as creating displays, caring for the archives, and providing programs for school children.

Is the Museum open year round?2016-01-26T11:45:47-05:00

The museum is open for public visits on weekends from May to October and seven days a week in July and August from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Special Events are held throughout the year. Groups and researchers may be accommodated outside of the regular operating season upon request.